“A brilliant, funny, moving, altogether miraculous documentary.”
Whitney Balliet
, The New Yorker


“It is not only a wonderful film, but also a wonderful idea; starting with an old photograph, a day and an age are brought back to life.”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


“...akin to a jazz version of Proust’s madeleine...It is really a loving remembrance of a loosely knit community of musicians...who cherished one another and created a body of music that will live forever.”
Stephen Holden
, NY Times


“It is a real achievement of a documentarian. Congratulations to the filmmaker...Jean Bach is her name.”
Siskel and Ebert
, At the Movies


“The documentary, like the photo itself, is so full of warmth that (the) audience laughed like children...first rate in every respect.”
Henry Cabot Beck
, Village Voice


“...a great, joyous, entertaining and swinging new cannot even think about missing it.”
Rex Reed
, NY Observer


“...take any three dozen recent movies and throw them up in the air, none of them will have the true, deep excitement of this one.”
Bergen Record


“...moments when the viewer, gently led by Quincy Jones’ narration, feels the hair on the back of the neck nape rise.”
Cash Box


“...excellent...undeniably powerful...sound track is heavenly.”
Hollywood Reporter